Happy National Nonprofit Day


Today is National Nonprofit Day and we wanted to take a moment to thank all of the people in this community who help make the mission of Courage for the Soul possible.

When our founder Maria Luisa Gonzalez-Crespo made that first visit to Creticos Cancer Center and gifted headscarves to women facing hair loss due chemotherapy, we never imagined months later we’d be an official 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Chicago.

The past two years we have gifted over 2,500 scarves to women fighting cancer, hosted survivor photoshoots, social meet ups, and educational events. As incredible as it’s been, we’re still learning so much each day.

We are beyond excited to celebrate two years as a nonprofit organization committed to spread courage one scarf at a time. All we can say is it’s been a whirlwind and we are so grateful to be able to empower and support women of all ages and all stages through their cancer journey.

Thank YOU for making it all possible and happy National Nonprofit Day.

Photo by Becki Schleis - https://www.featherlitestudios.com/